Acid Peptic Disease Home Remedy for Better Control of the Disease

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Acid peptic disease is also known as stomach ulceration. It is a painful discomfort in digestive track and in many cases it may turn fatal if you keep the disease untreated for long. Besides long term treatment, some home remedies can help you in reducing the irritation and discomfort caused by this disease of digestive track.

However, none of these home remedies can supplement the medicine prescribed by a doctor. These home remedies can pacify the symptoms and can initiate faster recovery with the help of the medicines.

Try fresh cabbage juice:

Cabbage can work as one of the great natural medicines for healing of stomach ulcer. Prepare fresh cabbage juice and punch carrot juice in it.  This herbal juice should be taken before each meal, which will offer a protective layer on the stomach lining.

However, you need to prepare fresh juice every time, which you should practice everyday at least for few weeks. The vitamin C content of cabbage and raw-carrot will act as anti-ulcer agent which will help in faster healing of the ulcer.


Bananas are known as anti ulcer natural medicines. It’s also medically proven that this fruit contains some ingredients that can trim down the acidity of gastric juices. Patients suffering from Acid peptic disease should have 2-3 ripe bananas every day after the detection of the disease. It will help in reducing the discomfort of ulcer as well as it will help in strengthening the stomach lining.

Try Fenugreek powder:

You may try natural remedies of fenugreek.  This spice is rich in mucilaginous compound, which helps in protecting stomach’s lining by covering it like the layer of mucus.  If the natural remedy can be practices 2-3 times a day, especially before meal, it will reduce the burning discomfort of ulcer and it helps in faster healing of the sore.

Licorice is a good natural medicine:

According to Indian Ayurveda, licorice works most efficiently for reducing the symptoms and irritations of stomach ulcer.  Licorice can be consumed orally by consuming the concoction as well as by taking licorice supplements. Drinking licorice tea is also a great remedy to pacify the ulcer discomfort.  However, everything should be done under the permission and monitoring of a medical practitioner.

Have coconut and coconut water:

Both Coconut and coconut water is rich in anti-ulcer properties.  It has antibacterial properties, which is one of the reasons it is good for irritated digestive track. You may have coconut kernel, coconut water, as well as raw coconut oil will help you in managing the stomach ulcer irritation.

You need to follow the coconut water, kernel, or coconut oil remedy or at least 2-3 weeks so that the burning discomfort of stomach ulcer can be neutralized.

Acid peptic disease is an irritating and painful disorder in digestive track, which may turn fatal if it is left untreated for long and no life style modification or medicines are administered.  It is safe to go for an expert homeopath consultant to treat this sort of digestive track disease so that the treatment gets painless, sideeffectless and cost-efficient.

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