The Prime Differences between Perfume for Women and Men

When you have decided to buy a perfume, the main point you have to verify is the gender of the perfume you have selected so far. You can get the detail of the perfume from its description if it is a male perfume or not. But before that you need to learn the difference between perfume for women and men.

The difference of notes

You can verify the notes of a perfume: predominantly the notes of a female perfume are of floral or fruity base.  It is universally assumed that floral scents rightly match the sensitivity of a feminine persona and the delicate floral smell rightly matches sensuous womanly attitude.

On the other hand woody and musk flavors layered with leather fragrance are rightly suitable for male personality. These types of perfumes offer slightly loud and bold type scent that go well with male character traits. Take a 100ml Perfume Bottle before you check its notes, enjoy the perfume. If it is woody is meant for men and if it is mixed or pure floral, it will be for women for sure.

The difference of smell

In terms of boldness you can differentiate between perfume for women and men. In general, bold scents are better represents male perfume and subtle floral type fragrances are found more suitable for ladies’ use.  There is a fine line between male and female perfume and the dissimilarity is the difference of smells between male and female perfume category.

The feel matters

According to perfume freaks, there is no genre of perfumes. But in general, male perfumes offer strong rich, woody, herbaceous smell whereas female perfumes are light in nature and mostly of floral families. Some female perfumes are found in oriental families. Female perfumes senses soft on skin, whereas male perfumes react comparatively long lasting on skin.

The testers of perfumes are the best way to check the hang of the smell. For instance, you can try perfume selfie from perfumebooth to check the reaction of its smell on skin.

There is no fixed difference between Perfume for women and men other than its notes and universal ideas about male and female perfumes.  There is no universal formula that floral fragrances cannot be used by men or woody smells cannot be used by women. Perfumes for men or women are a matter of personal discretion and exceptions are always allowed here.

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