Interesting Facts About Your Age and Date of Birth

Age is a very important factor in a person’s life. Age changes everything in a person’s life. When you start growing up, people expect maturity from you. Your life suddenly flips once you grow mature. Adulthood is said to be the most difficult time of one’s life as the weight of responsibilities, all of a sudden falls on a person’s shoulders.
Hence, age is not just a number. Your whole life, revolves around your age. You have to do the appropriate things at the appropriate age. For example, studying, graduation, and etc. all have a fixed age and many universities and educational institutes have an age limit till which they accept the students. Below and over that, they might not take the student.

So, it like, a person’s life completely flips thrice. A person grows up from being a baby. Then adulthood comes and then comes the ‘’old’’ age. Therefore, a person grows, develops and changes in all these years.


So as mentioned earlier, your whole life is revolving around your age. And if you think of it, age is not just a simple numerical value but it has numerous facts and figures associated with it.
Given below are the 6 most weird facts which are weird yet interesting and you will look upon your age in a very different way after reading them.


1- Birthdays, for sure, are the happiest time of your life and we all celebrate them and feel special on this day. However, a very dark and gloomy side of the birthdays, is that, every birthday marks one less year in one’s life span. So each birthday marks the day we become closer to our deaths.

2- The average saliva production for each day in adulthood is 1.7 liters.

3-Every person, knows that they had about 350 soft bones when they were a baby. You might think that growing up, the number might have increased. It is 206 now.

-Breathe rates:
4- Growing up, the breathing rate, slows up. And one feels difficulty breathing at 60.

-Skin cells:
5- Skin cells are constantly shedding off. So, one average, a person who hits the age of 69-70, has shed about 105 pounds of dead skin cells. (Because every year, 1.5 pounds of it are shed)

6- As you grow up, your height increases. But a very weird fact is that, if you exceed a certain age limit, your body starts to bend and you start behaving much more like kids. Weird, isn’t it?

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Given below is how it represents the age in minutes, and seconds.


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