A Learners Guide to Perfume Types, Know the Difference Between Perfume Varieties

We use perfumes for adding a special fragranced layer around us that typifies our persona. But all perfumes are not the same. In fact, a particular fragrance is found in market with different varieties like deodorant, parfum, Eue De Cologne, as well as Eue De Toilette, etc. Unless you learn the difference between these varieties, it may get difficult for you to shop for the best buy.

Why knowing the difference of varieties is important

The open clue for learning the difference between perfume varieties is about learning the difference of perfume concentration in these entire assortments. For example, the concentration of perfume in Maryaj Golden Wheel Eau de Parfum 100ml will be different from its deodorant version although fragrance is of the same type and genre.

Perfumes like Golden Wheel Perfume for Men comes with a higher concentration contain more perfume oils and less alcohol, which in turn determine how many squirts you’ll use in the morning to make sure it lasts, how suitable it is for sensitive skin and just how expensive the price tag really should be.

What is Parfum

If the perfume bottle is found inscribed with Pafum, don’t get confused that you have detected a spelling mistake. It is the highest concentration of perfume available inside the bottle, which is between 15-40% of fragrance. This is the purest quality of perfume with three features:

  • They last for 6-8 hours
  • This is the costliest variety
  • It is most appropriate for people with sensitive skin as this variety contains lowest quantity of alcohol than other variants.

What is Eau De Parfum

Mostly known as EDP, this perfume variety contains 15-20% fragrance and it last up to 4-5 hours. EDP mostly is meant for evening time use but there is always exception. For example, EDP Maryaj Golden Wheel Eau de Parfum 100ml can be used for both daytime and night time because it’s subtle but long lasting smell.

Eau De Toilette

Popularly known as EDT, Eau de toilette variety of a perfume is made of lower level of fragrance concentrate, which is 5-15% only. It lasts for 2-3 hours after application and mostly recommended for say time wear. The term ‘eau de toilette’ is a French expression that means getting ready. Eau de toilette variety of perfume with citrus note is ideal for summer time use.

Eau De Cologne

Commonly known as cologne, this perfume variety is made with 2-4% of fragrance and therefore after application the smell lasts for 1-2 hours. This perfume variety is cheaper than other varieties and it is mostly used for men’s perfume type. For example, Golden Wheel Perfume for Men is available in EDC variety.

Deodorant or Body Spray

These are lightest variety of fragrance containing only 10-15% fragrance, and it may last maximum 2-3 hours. Because of lower perfume and alcohol concentration, Deodorants can be sprayed directly on body. These are cheaper in price than other varieties of perfume.

This is all about the different varieties of perfume you need to learn before your perfume shopping. You can check the bottle and you will find the category/variant details of a perfume written on the perfume bottle for your knowledge.

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