PerfumeBooth Gets a New Avatar In The New Year

Perfume for Men and Women

E-commerce is growing at a fast pace in India, touching almost every sector providing one or the other service to their customers. People turn towards online shopping to buy groceries, clothes, shoes, medicines, cosmetics, daily grooming products, gifts, and what not. Almost every brand is trying to make a strong online presence to lure online customers. Since the competition is cut-throat in this industry, every brand has to represent themselves in the most unique way.

One way to do it is to have a flawless UI to give the best customer experience. An easy to use UI or user interface is quite crucial for any e-commerce website, since customers do not like to spend too much time in figuring out what to do while shopping. They want everything to be within their reach, easy to use and understand. If your website user interface is confusing or a bit too complex, it might increase the bounce back rate affecting the website ranking as well as your sales.

One such e-commerce website, PerfumeBooth has come up with a new look in the New Year. The main aim of the company was to give their customers a unique buying experience with flawless user interface.

New Year New Look

Amidst hordes of online shopping website, anyone who can grab the attention of the buyer can only succeed. In order to achieve this goal, they transformed their static website into a more dynamic version. Customers have the ease of selection, with multiple categories making buying Perfume easy for them. When the customer enjoys shopping through the website, it adds to the popularity and customer loyalty.

Secure Payment Options

Online shopping is the biggest target when it comes to data theft and financial cyber crimes. To avoid this, good e-commerce website believes in using a secure payment gateway giving an assured transaction on their website. Adding secure payment gateway to their website shows how considerate they are for customer security and safety.

Ease of Order Tracking

Once a customer has placed an order, they become eager to get it as soon as possible. Understanding this excitement, they have made tracking an order much easier for the user. The customer will get instant updates about any development on their order and check where the product is and when it will reach their doorstep.

New Products

Customers love to get options while buying online and when it is updated every now and then, it is even better. Understanding this consumer behaviour, they have added new range of products fulfilling the needs of every customer. When a customer gets many options, it makes it much easier for him or her to make wise choices.

Online shopping industry can survive for long only if they keep updating themselves as per the customers’ needs. The buyer is the king of e-commerce industry, deciding the future of online shopping. Let’s see if they like this new look or not.

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