How do perfumes enhance the male charm in you?

Reunion Perfume

As they say, fragrance makes a man. On a woman’s list, good looks, charm, a caring heart and a sweet smile do count – but, even an attractive fragrance always catches the attention of every lady. There have been many studies and experiments that have proved that fragrance is the number one factor for women to select their life partner, while men tend to depend more on visual appeal when it comes to choose their soul mate. One might ask that how do your olfactory senses play a role in attraction and love between two people. Let’s find out the answers.

  1. Mask your body odor

A man’s life is busy with work, gym, dating and fun. Needless to say, sweat and body odor would be a part of your life. Women do not like smelly guys turning up for their first date, which is why you need to tidy yourself up first. Therefore, choose a fresh shirt and a nice hairstyle and go for something like the Maryaj Reunion perfume for men to release your charm and sex appeal. Your date will love the fresh citrus notes at the beginning, melting into an aromatic floral note and ending with a sweet woody note to seal the deal.

  1. The first sign of love

Attraction is the first step to love and a long-lasting relationship, and a good scent will help matters to a great extent. As mentioned, men are attracted by visual beauty in their partner, while for women, the fragrance plays a major role. Whereas men look for face, body proportions, body shape and skin while women want their man to smell amazing. Studies and research have also suggested that women can easily judge a man’s biological compatibility through his smell. Whereas, most men do not even wear a perfume, you might stand a good chance on a date?

  1. Erotic fantasies

By the time you’re out on a few dates, your fragrance might surely make surely make your woman have erotic fantasies in mind. Not just your fragrance, your touch and her imagination could also spark off a great beginning in your relationship. However, for men, it may again come down to a physical attraction and intelligent conversation. It has also been suggested that a great scent is an important role in arousing women even during a non-sexual activity.

A fantastic fragrance is the USP of a man’s attraction and charm. If you’re looking for a fabulous option in the fragrance world, you can definitely try out the Maryaj Reunion Eau de Parfum 100ml which is a combination of citrus, floral and woody notes. A luxurious scent, this perfume would be a win-win on your first date.

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