Essentials of Perfume Wardrobe


Perfume might not seem to be a very essential element when it comes to use it normally, a deodorant and a body spray may come to rescue, but once you begin using a perfume and know the worth and taste of a perfume, I  bet it will become an uncompromised part of your life. Sometimes buying new perfumes can be really tough on your pocket and you want to save for more important stuffs, but to do away with this problem here are some tips on how you can save only for the perfume essentials for your perfume wardrobe-


  1. Try to list the essential perfume– try to break down your perfume essentials into categories and sub divide them for the purpose of your need, never buy a perfume because of its bottle, I know it looks sexy but still try to invest on a glass showpieces rather than an expensive perfume just because the bottle look classy.
  2. Classic perfumes– classic perfumes are elegance to another level, the old the perfume the better it taste. But don’t invest on too much classic smell, classic perfumes stay long and few spray is enough so let the old bottles finish before you buy new ones.
  3. Formal fragrances- the office fragrance needs to be as formal as your cloths. You should now look overpowering by suffocating your colleagues with too much wildness. The formal fragrance should be light notes including vanilla and a little flowery freshness. It has to be light yet effective.
  4. Fun fragrance- the fragrance that belongs to the family of oriental sporty long lasting perfumes. It has to be dynamic and should leave the first impression at the first go. The fun fragrance could be your weekend getaway partner. The notes can be spicy woody and fancy. The perfume should encourage you to get out for a long drive with her.
  5. The romantic evening scent- There should be one fragrance from the lot that needs to be kept for that one special evening with lots of lights, candles and love. The fragrance should be delicate, pure and lovable, don’t forget to apply it anywhere you want that kiss to be implanted. Use the notes of vetiver and amber to spread that magical charm.

Maintaining a good perfume wardrobe is as essential as maintaining a closet or a cosmetic corner in your room. Perfume finishes the overall look by sealing it with the sophisticated high notes. This passion fruit is your way to leave long lasting impression in the minds of many, and make everyone envy you for the choice that flavors you the most.

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